UK Royal Mail?

The Royal Mail is the postal delivery service that serves all of Great Britain including Northern Ireland. This is an old British institution that was established in 1516. The UK Royal Mail also has other companies including Parcelforce Worldwide that delivers packages, and General Logistics System, which is an international logistics company. Until very recently The Royal Mail was a public service. Nowadays it is operated privately. The government of the United Kingdom still holds a 38% ownership in the company and stockholders own the rest. The UK Royal Mail officially became public after the Postal Services Act 2011.

The Responsibilities of the Royal Mail

The Royal Mail is responsible for collecting and delivering the mail. Mail is placed in a mail box on a pillar or a wall and then collected by truck to be taken to the post office.It is also taken in bulk from businesses. The British mail system is known to be one of the most efficient in the world.

First class deliveries always make it overnight but often regular mail does as well.

Even though it is a private service it is required by law to maintain the universal service. The universal service requires the UK Royal Mail to send packages anywhere in the United Kingdom for a fixed price. The price is never affected by distance. The privatized Royal mail is committed to maintaining this fine standard of service until 2021.

The Royal Mail also has Special Delivery services that have expedient services. The Royal Mail Special Delivery service can deliver by 1 pm or 9 am the next day for just a bit more money. If the item is not delivered on time then the client is given their money back. Customers can also buy insurance for what they send for different values including fifty pounds, five hundred pounds and 2,5000 pounds.

UK Royal Mail Business Services

The UK Royal Mail also has many specialty postal services including an affordable scheme for planning a postal voting campaign. The service also offers bulk rates and services for publishers of newsletters, circulars and magazines.

Business services also include parcel dispatch and marketing services for direct mail, door drops and data services. You can also hire UK Royal Mail consultants and staff to help you manage your mailroom better.

You can also get an online business account quote so that you can do all of your business through the Royal Mail at

Royal Mail business services also have the usual post office such as redirecting your mail when you move and keeping your mail safe for you while you go away on holiday.

You can find out more about the UK Royal Mail in general at

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10 Things To Know About The Royal Mail

Here are ten very interesting things that you might want to know about the Royal Mail Service in the United Kingdom

1. Dogs really do attack the postmen and women on a regular basis.

Attacks by dogs really are a significant threat to the Royal Mail’s postmen and postwomen. Since 2011 there have been over 5,500 attacks with a resulting work loss of 4,100 days. Over 2,400 postmen were attacked by dogs from April 2012 to April 2013.

Much of this was due to people letting their dogs run free in the yard. For information on how to prevent your dog from attacking the post person go to the Dog Awareness page on the Royal Mail website at

2. Your money is refunded if your Special Delivery Mail does not meet its destination.

The Royal Mail Special Delivery Service is an expedited mail service that does indeed guarantee delivery by 9 am or 1 pm the next day or your money is refunded.

3. You cannot insure works of art and photographs or loss or damage.

If you are shipping works of art through the Royal Mail they are exempt from the usual liability and compensation measures. This includes prints, paintings, statues, sculptures, prints,…

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Royal Mail Prohibited Goods

Both commercial and personal customers of the Royal Mail are subject to certain prohibitions meant to keep the mail system safe for the public and Royal Mail employees. The Royal Mail provides comprehensive lists of prohibited goods for personal customers at and a similar list for business customers at

As a personal user of the Royal Mail service you are responsible for knowing whether or not it is prohibited. If you send something prohibited the post office will deal with it, as they like. Often the parcel is immediately discarded and not returned to you.

Prohibited Royal Mail Items

Aerosols – Grooming products like aerosols, body sprays and asthma inhalers can be sent but spray paints, air fresheners and other toxic aerosol products cannot be sent through Royal Mail.

Alcohol Beverages – These can be sent through the mail as long as the alcohol content is lower than 70% ABV.

Ammunition – With the exception of air gun pellets and soft projectiles, bullets and other ammunition cannot be sent through the mail.

Batteries – Batteries that spill acid or that are made of used alkaline metal, nickel metal or that are damaged cannot be sent through the mail.

Medical waste –…

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Royal Mail Prices/Rates

Royal Mail has always been considered to be the cheapest service provider when it comes to the delivery of small parcels and letters. For a small 750 gram parcel Royal Mail trumps its competitors with a cost of 2.60 pounds. The nearest commercial competitor charges 4.20 pounds for the same service. Still prices for most services with the Royal Mail did recently go up.

How much it is going to cost you to mail a letter or parcel is largely dependent on the service that you choose, the weight of the deliverable and many other factors. It is best to go to the post-office and consult with an agent to find out an accurate price or rate.

How to Access Royal Mail Prices and Rates

There are many different ways to find charts and information about the Royal Mail and there are many options. What delivery will cost you depends largely on your UK Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide services and Royal Mail prices for mailing internationally.

It also depends on what you are sending. There are very definitive rules as to what can be sent and for how much money.

Small parcels are defined as being no more than 45 cm, no wider than…

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Royal Mail Locations

There are Royal Mail locations all over the United Kingdom. However, not all of them are open at the same hours. If you need to go to a location there is an easy way to find the one that is closest to you.

Your best bet is to go to the Branch Finder page at You will be directed to a drop down menu that has spaces in which you can enter your postal code or the name of your town. After you enter your information you click on search and then select the service that you require from a drop down menu list.

ParcelForce Worldwide Depot Finder

If you need to find a ParcelForce Depot there is a similar online tool available. You simply enter your postcode and it will help you find one of the many worldwide locations of the depots. You do not even have to know the full postal code to take advantage of this service.

One word to the wise in regards to the Depot locater tool: It can only give you a rough idea of the distance from where you are to the depot. So the location may be a bit nearer or further than…

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