Royal Mail Tracking

The Royal Mail tracking service in the United Kingdom is known as a Track and Trace. Other related services are also offered including pricing deliveries, buying pre-paid packs, getting mail collected from or for your business, setting up a business account, ordering labels for businesses and looking up postal codes. Electronic Proof of Delivery is also a service that is offered.

Royal Mail Track and Trace

Track and Trace allows you to check the delivery status of traceable items that you have sent or which have been sent to you. To be eligible for this service you need to have used the Royal Mail ‘Signed For’ service. You are given a reference number that must be entered online at the Royal Mail website and it will tell you the status of your delivery. There is quite a bit of information about how to do this at on the Royal Mail website.

You can also use Track and Trace to see a copy of the signature that was used to sign for the package. This can help you determine whether or not the package was sent to the right person.

You can also take advantage of similar services such as the Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed, the Royal Mail Tracked. and for International Packages you can use Airsure and International Signed For.

Trouble Shooting Royal Mail Track and Trace

One of the most common issues is the tracking of mail internationally. International ‘signed for’ mail is only tracked up until the point that it leaves the United Kingdom and then Airsure takes over. It is best to contact the individual the mail was sent to in order to get confirmation of receipt. Depending on what country it was sent to, a note may have been left at the address where the package was unable to be delivered.

You should also check that you provided the right customs information or your package could be sitting in limbo. You can find information about sending mail outside of the European Union on the Royal Mail website at

Sometimes the system does not accept your reference number when you go to input the information. You should always make sure that you have input the right number of digits. These are 13 digits long and begins with two letters followed by nine numbers and two more letters. An example would be AA987654321GB. GB stands for Great Britain. If that is omitted the mail or parcel may be posted from another country.

To make sure that the package is delivered you need to get an electronic signature on delivery. The Royal Mail must provide that to you when they send a package out. The Royal Mail usually gets that signature within 72 hours of posting but sometimes the recipient is not at the other end to sign. Another thing to consider is that sometimes the package is signed for someone who is not the actual recipient. If nobody is able to sign for the delivery the recipient might then have the choice to collect the item from his or her local postal office or call that postal office to arrange a redelivery.